Cuba-Bulgaria, in Layers

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My grandmother (center) and grandfather (second from right) walk with coworkers during the annual Labor Day march in Bulgaria in the 1970s. In the color photo, a man marching during during the 1st of May Labor Day March of 2015 in Havana, Cuba, holds onto a makeshift Chilean flag. In Cuba, the day known as DÌa del Trabajo is a call for people of all nations to show support for socialism and the Cuban Revolution. While attendance is not mandatory, absences from the marches are usually noticed and discouraged, and often followed with social and professional reprimand.<br />
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I've layered family photos taken in Bulgaria before the fall of the Berlin Wall with pictures I recently shot in Cuba, to reveal the visual and sociopolitical connections between the two. Both portions of this project - in Bulgaria and Cuba - were supported by The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.