Cuba-Bulgaria, in Layers

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My father, grandfather and grandmother pose for a picture taken while traveling on one of very few government-approved vacations during the isolation of the Communist  years in Bulgaria. And Raymel Medina, 16, (center,) relaxes with friends after an evening dip in the water in the port city of Mariel, Cuba in April of 2015. He says he'd like to learn more about the world, but limited and/or prohibitively expensive internet access makes this a challenge. Travel outside of the island is also forbidden to most, except to those with government connections, or whose jobs allow it. I remember being young and just as curious about the world beyond the vacuum of Bulgaria's tight borders in the Communist years.  <br />
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I've layered family photos taken in Bulgaria before the fall of the Berlin Wall with pictures I recently shot in Cuba, to reveal the visual and sociopolitical connections between the two. Both portions of this project - in Bulgaria and Cuba - were supported by The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.