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Adam Warshauer, 37, from Delray Beach, FL, whose father is Jewish and mother is a Christian, became a Sufi Muslim after being introduced to the faith by a man he met at 22. He is seen here posing for a portrait with a passage from the Surat Al-Qalam in the Koran, in a just-moved-into office space in Delray Beach, on March 12, 2016. <br />
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He credits his background for being able to see connections between the three religions, and plans to start a YouTube show directly addressed to U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump (R-NY,) with the aim of creating “peace between the Israel and Arab nations.” It would feature a hand puppet called Uncle Musa - a relative to Moses, a prophet who appears in the Torah, Bible and Koran.<br />
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Politically, he says he identifies most as an Independent: “I believe in protecting the environment, and Republicans don’t, which is why I am not Republican.” Warshauer plans to support Trump, however, especially if he wins Tuesday’s primary elections and goes on to become the Republican nominee for president. <br />
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Warshauer says he does not believe Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the country because of a dislike for them, but because he wants to solve terrorism. “Most are outraged at Trump saying he wants to ban Muslims from entering America, but I support that as a Muslim person, because we have to stop what is happening and work with other Muslim countries to stop terrorism. If you stop Muslims from entering the country, it forces everyone to look at the problem.” He adds that “Isis killings are ruining the face of Islam. Who wants to become Muslim when it is associated with terrorism?”<br />
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“People pull stuff they want to go “Oh, my God!” about, but come on, forget about that and just focus on what's real,” which Warshauer says is Trump’s job creation capability and his focus on stopping the drug epidemic in America, heroin specifically. He adds that Trump is more approachable than other Republican candidates like Ted